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•   Applications are invited for partial reimbursement of registration fee.

•   Grant Value: Dependent on the geographical region of applicants, ranging from USD 100 (local to Beijing) to USD 400
•   Eligibility: Active UFFC-S student member
•   Application Deadline: Sep 30th 2019
•   Announcement of Awards: Oct 15th 2019
•   Number of Awards: Up to 40 (EU/US/AU - 10, Asia (outside Beijing) -10, Beijing-20)

•   Selection criteria:

     •   Relevance to the field including both the applicant and the advisor
     •   Necessity for support
     •   Involvement in UFFC community
     •   UFFC-S membership (student required, advisor optional)

•   Required Application Documents
     •   Application Letter (70%):
          •   UFFC-S membership (student required, advisor optional)
          •   The statement shall include:
              •   Applicant's current affiliation
              •   Grade
              •   Academic research area
              •   UFFC membership number
              •   Name of academic advisor and contacts (Email and reachable phone number)
          •    Please include
              •   Your motivation to attend the school 
              •   Your justification to request support
              •   A future plan of involvement in the UFFC community 
          •    Please limit the letter to one-page
          •    Signature and date are required from the applicant
          •    The PDF document should be sent to from applicant's email (institutional email address
                is preferred) (Cc applicant's academic advisor)
          •    The title of the email should be "Student Grant Application to 2019 UFFC Ferroelectrics School, Name of
                Student, Affiliation"
     •   Supporting Letter (30%):
          •   The academic advisor of the applicant shall write a short supporting letter in English language, including
              •   Current academic performance of the applicant
              •   Commitment to support applicant's remaining expense once selected
              •   Advisor's involvement in the UFFC community
              •   UFFC membership number (optional)
     •    Please limit the letter to one-page. Signature and date are required from the advisor
     •    The PDF document should be sent to from advisor's institutional email
     •    The title of the email should be "Supporting Letter for Name of Student to 2019 UFFC Ferroelectrics School
           Student Grant Application"

•   If you have any queries, please contact the Program Manager: Dr. Brady Gibbons at

:Tsinghua University, Shuangqing Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China

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